Our History

On June 27, 1959 Rev. Michael Lacey, who later became a bishop in the Archdiocese of Toronto, was appointed by Cardinal James McGuigan to establish a new parish in Weston, now known as Etobicoke. The Mass at the time was celebrated on Sundays at Humber Heights Public School and later at Valleyfield Public School. In addition, the early social life of the parish was bowling on Thursday evenings at the Royal York Bowling Alley. The first parish choir was established under the direction of Bob Carney. Parish meetings were held in a house, which also served as the rectory, on Poynter Drive.

That same year, parishioners began collecting funds for the new building with this message as their guiding mission: “To build a new church for the greater glorification of God, and for the salvation of souls, a church around which the pioneers of this parish would create and foster a true-spirit of family co-operation, trust and neighbourly love.”

Construction began on June 29, 1960. Both Transfiguration of Our Lord Church and Transfiguration of Our Lord Catholic School were officially blessed and opened on Dec. 18, 1960 by Cardinal McGuigan. In 2000, the Adoration Chapel was added. Since then, many pastors and priests have faithfully served the Transfiguration Church community.

From its humble beginnings to the present, the parish has served to bring parishioners together to celebrate Mass, receive the sacraments, to pray, to participate in parish social events and to be a place for the young to be instructed in the faith. For over two generations, Transfiguration Parish has become a spiritual home for many, a home where we are reminded to love and serve one another in the name of Christ.

During the last 63 years of parish history many people, both laity and priests have generously given of their time and talents to make Transfiguration Church a place in which to worship and thank the Lord for all that we have received. Let us continue to glorify God and pray for the salvation of our souls.