Transfiguration of Our Lord

Parish Mission Statement

We are God’s instruments who strive to grow by sharing and nurturing our joint commitment to Christ’s message of love, and by committing ourselves to serve the needs of the parish as stewards for the sake of God’s kingdom


Transfiguration of Our Lord Church welcomes everyone in our community to participate in our parish events and celebrations .

Novena of Cancer

Mass every Tuesday at 9:30am. After the Mass, we pray a novena to Saint Michael of the Saints. A Trinitarian mystic and patron saint of cancer patients. We will pray for all who are affected by cancer and pray for prevention of getting this illness.

Good Casserole Program – June 29/30 & July 27/28 & August 24/25

We welcome you to drop off a Shepherd Pie Casserole. Our program feeds the poor and disadvantaged. If you are interested in becoming a member please call our office at 416-247-0513.

The Feast of the Precious Blood of Christ: June 30th – July 1st, 2024

Calling all Adorers to keep company with the Savior in an all night vigil with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Please see bulletin for more details.

Coffee Sunday

Coffee Sunday will be hosted by the Catholic Women’s League on Sunday, June 23rd prior to our summer break for July & August. Coffee will be served following the 9:00 am, 10:30 am & 12:00 noon Masses. All are welcome. Donations of baked goods are gratefully accepted. Coffee Sunday will resume in September.

Marygrove Camp Collection

This week there will be a collection for Marygrove Girls Camp run by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Open to eligible girls ages 5 – 13. Marygrove provides a camping experience for children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy a camping adventure.

Chapel Adoration “Spiritual Walk-in Clinic”

Our parish is honoured with an opportunity to have an adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 24 hours/day, 7 days/week exposed in our chapel for the last 21 years. If you would like to commit one hour a week, please leave your name and contact number in the parish office. All are welcome to come and pray.


Through Mary to JesusWherever you find a love for, and a devotion to, the Virgin Mother of God, invariably you will find a more fervent response to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. We could never speak in terms of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the Son of God had it not been for Mary who channeled that human body and human soul to Him for us to eat and to drink. Some would say that Mary’s union with her Divine Son in Holy Communion from the hand of St. John the Apostle was more intimate, even closer, than when the Son of God was wrapped for nine months in her own immaculate flesh. The fully human consciousness of Jesus is present in the Risen Lord of the Holy Eucharist.
Mary is the Mediatrix of All Grace, especially the greatest grace and gift of them all: Her Divine Son in the Sacrament of His Love. She it was who stood so bravely beside Him at the foot of His Cross during his first Mass as He hung there dying, making available to us until the end of time His most Precious Body and Blood. A Father of the Church went so far as to say that Mary would have been willing to slay Her Divine Son with her own hands, if that were God’s will, just as Abraham was prepared to slay his son Isaac at the request of God. The only measure of Mary’s love is always to be without measure, just as with Jesus on the Cross and on the Altar.

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